Next Meeting January 25 2018

Members General Meeting

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Guest speaker will be Peter Lang, who will speak about what goes on behind the cockpit door of an overseas flight.

Peter Lang began flying in 1973 when he was 17. In 1975 he started commercial flying on the DeHavilland Twin
Otter in northern Ontario, and later in the high arctic where he flew “off strip” in support of resource exploration,
scientific study and Dew Line re-supply. In 1978 he was hired by Air Canada as a Second Officer on Boeing
727 jet aircraft. During an industry wide slowdown in 1981 Peter left Air Canada and joined the Canadian Armed
Forces where he trained as a fighter pilot. As an air superiority and ground attack fighter pilot flying the CF-18,
he intercepted Soviet bombers, developed techniques for attacking cruise missiles, flew sovereignty missions in
the high arctic and was a squadron test pilot. In 1988 he returned to Air Canada where he has flown the
Douglas DC-8, DC-9, Boeing 727 and 747. Peter began flying professionally in 1975 piloting the DeHavilland Twin Otter in northern Ontario, and recently retired from the position of Captain on the after 38 years with Air Canada.

Doors open 9:15 am

Meeting 9:45 am-12:00 pm

Cranberry Resort
19 Keith Avenue, Hwy 26 West
Collingwood, ON L9Y 4T9
William Watts Ballroom




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